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The lighthouse in Genoa:
The lighthouse in Genoa (Italian: La torre della Lanterna di Genova), Italy
Genoa (Italian: Genova) is a port city in northern Italy, capital of the Province of Genoa and the region of Liguria. As of 2006, the city had a population of 620,316.

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Books about Genoa

Here are some books about Genoa:

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Genoa Travel Guide (Quick Trips Series): Sights, Culture, Food, Shopping & Fun

By Sara Coleman

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Paperback (90 pages)

Genoa Travel Guide (Quick Trips Series): Sights, Culture, Food, Shopping & Fun
List Price: $9.95*
Lowest New Price: $9.95*
Lowest Used Price: $10.01*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 19:37 Pacific 15 Nov 2018 More Info)

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Product Description:

Enjoy your trip to Italy with the Genoa Travel Guide: Sights, Culture, Food, Shopping & Fun.

The Quick Trips to Italy Series provides key information about the best sights and experiences if you have just a few days to spend in the exciting destination of Genoa.

So don't waste time! We give you sharp facts and opinions that are accessible to you quickly when in Genoa. Like the best and most famous sightseeing attractions & fun activities (including Palazzo Reale, Porta Soprana & Columbus House, San Lorenzo Cathedral, La Lantana Lighthouse & Museum, Genoa Aquarium, Savona & Priamar Fortress, Musei di Strada Nuova & Palazzo Rosso, Palazzo Bianco & Palazzo Tursi, See the Ligurian Mountains by Narrow Gauge Railway (Genoa to Casella), Albertis Castle, Natural History Museum of Giacomo Doria, Villa Durazzo-Pallavicini, Basilica della Santissima Annunziata del Vastato, Basilica of Santa Maria di Castello), where to experience the local culture, great local restaurant choices and accommodation for the budget-minded. Where to shop until you drop, party the night away and then relax and recover!

Also included is information about the typical weather conditions in Genoa, Entry Requirements, Health Insurance, Travelling with Pets, Airports & Airlines in Italy, Currency, Banking & ATMs, Credit Cards, Reclaiming VAT, Tipping Policy, Mobile Phones, Dialling Code, Emergency numbers, Public Holidays in Italy, Time Zone, Daylight Savings Time, School Holidays, Trading Hours, Driving Laws, Smoking Laws, Drinking Laws, Electricity, Tourist Information (TI), Food & Drink Trends, and a list of useful travel websites.

The Genoa Travel Guide: Sights, Culture, Food, Shopping & Fun - don't visit Italy without it!

Available in print and in ebook formats.

Italy: A Traveler's Guide To The Must-See Cities In Italy! (Venice, Florence, Bologna, Naples, Genoa, Rome, Turin, Perugia, Milan, Verona, Italy Travel Guide)

By Sam Spector

Released: 2015-05-19
Kindle Edition (48 pages)

Italy: A Traveler s Guide To The Must-See Cities In Italy! (Venice, Florence, Bologna, Naples, Genoa, Rome, Turin, Perugia, Milan, Verona, Italy Travel Guide)
Product Description:

Discover the best parts of the must-see cities in Italy. Learn the top sights and attractions before you travel with this comprehensive guide.

Read on your PC, Mac, Smart phone, Tablet or Kindle device.

Planning a trip to Italy? Fantastic! If you're considering a short trip, long vacation or even a permanent move, this amazing country undoubtedly possesses some of the most spectacular scenes to be witnessed anywhere in Europe.

But are you prepared?

To get the most out of any overseas trip, there is no doubt that you have to be well prepared and have some basic knowledge about your destination: where to go, what to see and what to do! Without this knowledge you will likely find yourself worried or stressed out, spending your valuable vacation time planning your next steps instead of relaxing or discovering new sights.

In this book I'm going to give you the best tips and advice that will enable you to get through your Italian adventure smoothly, and help you to enjoy it to the fullest! I'll provide you with the essential sights and attractions for all of Italy's major cities, so that you don't have to waste any of your own time finding out what each city has to offer!

You'll have the most concise, valuable guide book to Italy - its sights, its culture and its people - at your fingertips every step of the way. So what are you waiting for?

Download your copy today!

Take action now and enjoy the trip of a lifetime!

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Liguria (Bradt Travel Guide)

By Rosie Whitehouse

Bradt Travel Guides
Released: 2019-02-05
Paperback (288 pages)

Liguria (Bradt Travel Guide)
List Price: $22.99*
Lowest New Price: $22.99*
Not yet published*
*(As of 19:37 Pacific 15 Nov 2018 More Info)

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Product Description:
This new, thoroughly updated edition of Bradt's award-winning guide to Liguria is the essential companion to getting the most out of a visit to this beguiling Italian region. Author Rosie Whitehouse has spent thirty years exploring Liguria and in her comprehensive guide introduces you to not just to the glitz of the Riviera but also to the delights of the wild unknown hinterlands and mountain valleys, including in-depth coverage of local gastronomic delights – a key part of any Ligurian visit.
This new edition includes new maps, a focus on of the growth of small, ‘Slow Food' businesses, restaurants and hotels, in-depth coverage of Genoa as a cultural and weekend-break destination and the development of its striking Hennibique waterfront, the latest developments in Savona and La Spezia, more walks and bike-riding advice plus new suggested routes, revised hotel and restaurant listings and all the latest transport information.
Liguria has close links with North America. Genoa was the birthplace of Christopher Columbus and thousands of journeys to Ellis Island started in its historic port. The founder of Bank of America was born in one of its remote mountain valleys and Hollywood stars have long been drawn to the glitz of the Riviera, among them Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Clarke Gable and Rita Hayworth.
Whether you're a gourmet traveller in search of pesto, trofie and freshly baked focaccia, a history buff on the hunt for Roman remains, culture addict dazzled by Genoa's glittering palazzi and top-class museums, or a family heading for a well-earned break, Bradt's Liguria is the ideal guide for travellers of all ages and all budgets. It is also particularly suited to adventurous travellers looking for the Liguria that lies beyond the beaten track and who want a taste of the real Italy.

Genoa Travel Adventures

By Amy Finley

Hunter Publishing
Released: 2009-08-01
Kindle Edition (106 pages)

Genoa Travel Adventures
Product Description:
A detailed guide to every aspect of Genoa: history, culture, foods, restaurants, hotels, sightseeing, things to do - written by an author who knows the place intimately.

Two marble-carved lions crouch flanking the stairs leading to the entrance of Genoa's monumental cathedral of San Lorenzo. Their proud features are marred by graffiti - cartoonish scribbles rendering their expression more pathetic than fierce. They're an apt metaphor for the city of Genoa itself, which can be a challenging one for tourists. During two millennia of tumultuous history, Genoa has seen its fortunes rise and fall. At its pinnacle, the city - center of the Genoese Republic - had unparalleled wealth and economic and political power. French historiographer Fernand Braudel wrote of the city, "If ever a diabolically capitalist city can be said to have existed before the capitalist age in Europe and the world, then it is Genoa, opulent and sordid at the same time."

From these heights Genoa would plunge over successive centuries, losing hegemony, then autonomy, and finally prosperity. Today, it is a city in the grip of evolution. There is much that is decrepit and shabby, but there are also the heralds of a renaissance both economic and cultural. The lion that is Genoa may be blemished and humbled, but there is every evidence that with attention and caretaking it is regaining - if not its former brilliant grandeur - at least its dignity and relevance on the world stage.

Perhaps that's why Genoa is particularly poignant, and important for travelers who hope to leave Liguria with a greater understanding of the region - both what it was, and what it is becoming. It is impossible to leave Genoa unimpressed and without an opinion.

Genoa is - and has been for millennia - a port town, and the nature of a port is to facilitate trade via access to both sea and land routes. The geography of Liguria is characterized by mountains that plunge steeply into the sea, and that are criss-crossed by deep valleys. Genoa - which sits at the near middle of Liguria's great land crescent - is not only at the epicenter of what, from above, appears as one giant harbor. It is also at the crossroads of land routes that made use of these deep valleys to cut across the Apennines to northern Italy and the rest of Europe.

This guide is drawn from our Adventure Guide to the Italian Riviera, but with added pictures of the hotels, restaurants and other features.

Genoa {Genova}, Italy (English, French, Italian and German Edition)

By Litographia Artistica Cartographica

Litographia Artistica Cartographica

Genoa {Genova}, Italy (English, French, Italian and German Edition)
List Price: $12.95*
Lowest New Price: $10.26*
Lowest Used Price: $22.83*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 19:37 Pacific 15 Nov 2018 More Info)

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Product Description:
Detailed city map of Genoa (Genova), Italy at 1:12,000 scale (5.28 inches = one mile).

Wallpaper* City Guide Genoa (Wallpaper City Guides)

Phaidon Press
Paperback (128 pages)

Wallpaper* City Guide Genoa (Wallpaper City Guides)
List Price: $9.95*
Lowest New Price: $5.95*
Lowest Used Price: $5.56*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 19:37 Pacific 15 Nov 2018 More Info)

Click Here
  • Phaidon Press
Product Description:
The fast-track guide for the smart traveller.


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